Say Goodbye To Crazy: Part One Break Down

As I promised, I was going to write some blog posts about Say Goodbye To Crazy. I definitely see why this book has a wonderful reputation! It hits the nail on the head when it comes to not only identifying the High Conflict Birth Mother, but how to handle her as well.

While I am not a fan of pop psychology and self help, I do enjoy the actual science behind psychology and what makes people tick. It’s always been a fascination for me how everyone has a brain, but no two people have the same one. It’s more or less a giant finger print of an organ, but instead of a grand design you happen to be born with, it’s a combination of experiences, memories, hormones, chemistry, and build that makes each person unique in their own way! I LOVE IT! This is probably why I spend my spare time reading about psychology and the human brain for fun! I’m sure to some of you that sounds as strange as hearing someone say “I read about trigonometry for fun!” would sound to me. That’s exactly why I love it, though. Differences are fascinating! This book really words everything in a way that just clicks in the understanding of HCBM. It states pretty early on that this entire book is a trigger warning for those with HCBM PTSD! You know, those who are so traumatized by the drama and the bullshit that birth mom has forced upon your life!

Part one of the book is all about the understand. I have yet to finish two and I haven’t even started part three. I will get to that later, though. Future blog posts from here will reference the chapter break down so you can just read my blog for a general idea. That doesn’t mean my babbling will replace reading it for yourself… seriously. Go buy it!

If any of you are dealing with a HCBM, I HIGHLY suggest you pick up this book… not just for you, but for your husbands as well. You need as many tools in your toolbox as you can gather to deal with situations like this. This isn’t just for those that are dealing with a High Conflict Birth Mother, but any irrational and insane woman!

I know! The feminist in me is SCREAMING about the whole “Women are crazy” thing. I hate that crap just as much as anyone. Once you can learn to look past that it is extremely insightful on dealing with irrational people, as a whole, however. As Part one says time and time again “Trying to understand Crazy is also crazy!”

If you are able to get your hands on a copy and read along with me, that would be wonderful! Otherwise, just reference back if you ever do!

More soon!

Step Mommy Dearest

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