Ain’t Life A Little Bit Funny

A few weeks ago, my husband contacted his ex wife’s father to set up visitation for the step son to spend time with his grandpa.

They arranged for him to spend over night tonight. Everyone was excited. Step son was happy to spend time with his grandpa, grandpa was happy to go fishing with his grandson, husband and I were just excited to have the house to ourselves tonight so we could lounge around in our underwear, watch Harry Potter, and drink beer.

Today happens to also be the day that the book I ordered on Amazon two and a half aweeks ago came in. I ordered this book for inspiration for blog posts. What was the book? Say Goodbye To Crazy.

I got home and in my undies around 4:30pm, turned on The Halfblood Prince and began reading while my husband got BBQ for take out and brought it home. Peaceful evening ahead… so we thought.

We got a text just an hour later from my step son asking if it was okay that he saw his mom. We said of course! Told him he was almost an adult (at 15 years old) and that if he wants to see or talk to her, he is welcome to. Last time they chatted about three months ago, she started drama with her son asking him to never contact his grandpa (her dad) because he didn’t want to talk to him. We talk to the kids grandpa semi-regularly. We know this to not be true and told him as much. Hints why we arranged the visitation for the last weekend of Spring Break.

The next time she called -roughly three weeks later – and asked to speak with him, he said he didn’t want to. Fair. He is fifteen. It was his choice. We encouraged him to let us know when he is ready and we will arrange a phone call. He never perused it.

Roughly four hours after he was dropped off a town away at this grandpas, roughly half an hour after dinner, roughly 4 chapters into my book we get another text from him saying “My mom just told me that she has been trying to see me and you wont let her.”.

I was OUTRAGED! But, according to The Good Book… (not the bible… the new one… Say Goodbye To Crazy) you should never engage with Crazy, but you should always be honest with older children. My husband replied with “When she has called, you’ve chosen not to talk to her. You know this. Let us know if you need anything.”

After picking up my first cigarette today and stewing about how upset I was, I remembered THIS IS WHY I HAVE A BLOG! WRITE OUT MY FRUSTRATIONS! ACT – DONT REACT!

So, here I am. Pounding away on my shitty $200 laptop instead of texting Crazy and telling her what a manipulative and evil cunt she is! Instead of calling and yelling at her about how SHE dropped him on OUR laps without warning – a well orchestrated event on her part, might I add – so she could pursue a relationship with a wealthy web developer in Silicon Valley and didn’t even tell us she was back in Oklahoma after their break up (which I’m SURE was at her own hand as she can’t seem to have a single interaction without lies and manipulation) I am typing away and literally FORCING my frustrations to be directed in a place where others can relate versus talking to the stubborn and PSYCHOTIC cunt of a brick wall that is my step sons mother!

At least now I will have no shortage of blog material. It’s unfortunate this is happening at a time that I’m trying to stop smoking on top of being forced to work 50-60 hour weeks at work.

Time for me to BREATHE and have a glass of wine! Starting chapter 5….

Step Mommy Dearest


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