Letter to 2016

Dear 2016,

     You did a phenomenal job of kicking my ass and forcing me to learn acceptance. I know I fought you kicking and screaming through this stuff, but I think 2017 will thank you for being the bad guy. I started you happily married and child-free most days, but ended with high-stress and being the full-time mom for a 15-year-old. You forced me to learn how to distress and decompress which was cool, but I would rather have what I was planning for.

     Even though I appreciate the lessons, I want to say FUCK YOU! Fuck you for all the troubles, fuck you for all the hard stuff, and fuck you for making me feel like I wasn’t in control of my life! I had this entire plan and you, stupid year. You have decided to take it all away. Bye-bye trip to Ireland I was planning for 2017. Bye-bye walking around my house naked. Bye-bye Saturday afternoon delight. Bye-Bye acting like a teenager. Oh, and you made my Endometriosis worse… so yeah, FUCK YOU! At least I’m still happily married.

     Good riddance!

     If you were a person, 2016, I would take a dump in your coffee grounds so you could have a shitty day, too!

     We had a few good times, but it just wasn’t working out. We need to break up. Please, do not call or text or email me. I have found someone else and I think 2017 will treat me much better.

          Good-bye for ever!

Step Mommy Dearest

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