50 Ways To Love Yourself

I preach a lot about self care and taking care of yourself but I rarely offer ways to do that. While I am all for masturbation, that’s not the kind of self care I am talking about – but by all  means, go for it!

I know the shit wads are driving you up the fucking wall and your husband has been playing the “What do you want for dinner?” game for three days now, work is crazy and you just need a fucking break!

I know most of us are on a budget, so here is a list of cheap and free things you can do just for YOU to give a little more pep in your step! Feel free to comment suggestions on things YOU do to make yourself happy!


1. Take a bubble bath
2. Do an at-home face mask
3. Get a haircut
4. Mani-pedi… even if done at home, it can boost confidence
5. Have a secret stash of good chocolates that only you know about
6. Serve yourself first at dinner
7. Take a mental health day from work
8. Let yourself sleep in
9. Get a gym membership and use it
10. Pick up a hobby… reading, writing, coloring… as long as it’s creative11. Wear matching underwear. It helps you feel like you’re in control!
12. Eat healthy
13. Allow yourself a little sweet treat every once in a while
14. Drink more water
15. Listen to your favorite music
16. Take yourself out to dinner… alone
17. Have a girls night
18. Sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine
19. Put on make up, fix your hair, and dress nice even if it’s to run errands
20. Send flirty texts to your spouse
21. Write yourself a love letter
22. Buy a new, good quality bra… I’m serious
23. Watch your favorite movie, even if it’s stupid
23. Watch your favorite movie or show from childhood
24. Keep a journal and write about positive things
25. Remove yourself from the negative people in your life. Emotional leeches are the worst at making you feel down on yourself.
26. Get a wax. The pain is worth it. Even if it’s just your eyebrows
27. Have a date night with your spouse
28. Take yourself to a movie… and yes, get the $6 popcorn and $4 Reece’s Pieces
29. Unplug from internet and social media for one day
30. Learn a new subject. Psychology, astronomy, sigh language… just for fun
31. Stand up for your self! It’s okay to tell someone “please don’t talk to me that way.”
32. Wait until you’re alone and fart REALLY LOUDLY and laugh about it.
33. Sleep naked
34. Watch kitten videos on YouTube
35. Watch Dr. Pimple Popper videos on YouTube
36. Put chocolate in your coffee. Great start to the day.
37. Say “No” to something you’ve always wanted to say no to.
38. Say “Yes” to something you’ve always wanted to say yes to.
39. Take a shot of good whiskey. Straight. No chaser. But just the one.
40. Unfriend Negative Nancy from Facebook
41. Have the chocolate cake
42. Create a customized Pandora station just for you and all your favorite music
43. Make a list of goals and dreams. Pick one and strive for it.
44. Find a trusted friend (or your spouse 😜) and do a boudoir shoot just for you
45. Finish that book you started three years ago
46. Taste different cheese. It releases feely goods.
47. Try on different clothes than you would normally wear and laugh
48. Take a nap
49. Have a sword fight with sticks
50. Find hidden treasures at a thrift store

I hope you enjoy! What would you add to this list?

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