I Moved From Blogger!


I am Step Mommy Dearest! I transferred from blogger with a successful and quirky spin on a parenting blog that was getting several reads a day! I am happy to be in a more professional setting with more motivation and excitement so I can (hopefully) reach a bigger audience!

Disclaimer that many of my posts are vulgar and I don’t have much of a filter! Those things happen over time when you are raising a 15 year old psychopath that isn’t yours. Step parenting is the hardest job in the world (yes, more difficult than being a biological parent because you are not biologically wired to care or take care of the things) and it is so under appreciated. This leaves many step mothers filled with anger and rage and no healthy place to dump all of their crap!

This is where I come in! I am sanctuary! I am honesty! I am step parenting with no filter!

The next few posts will be dumps from the old blog – but polished up a bit.

Even when you polish a turd, it still shines!

With love,

Step Mommy Dearest

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